Sunday, May 3, 2009

hey ladies !! i am back for permanent periods of time!!

hey hey hey yoo!!

this is for stupid boys!( not guys yah)

kiss my butt,
talk to my hips,
and eat my feets!!


boys and guys are different deyh.
boys are immatured..and guys are totally cool yoo!
i need guys not boys.
i've made kinda big mistakes to choose a boy.
but it's ok..bonus of experiences for me!
age is nothing but the way they think are important.
beautiful faces are no care in this world.
cause beauty of some feelings are greater.

let's set a game for them first..
eventhough u already know someone since your childhood,
he will never be the same like he's old time.
people changing and yes,of course the way they treat us will also changed.
it might be to better or to worse..

ladies,im cool enough to be with you guys.
because ladies are cool!
if you wan to cry for awhile,then make it all out..
bout few minutes,new you will be born..
you'll be alive as a new person with new spirits!
more greater the impact,more stronger you'll be..
relax and chill..
that's what you should do ..

love is a good thing and precious..
but it will turn into pain if there are no cooperations between you both..
no appreciations will make you feel like dying..
girls,i dont want you to die!
keep your confidence as high as you can.
we gonna chill like super dupper hot superstars!! ok?
no worries la.. trust me,outing with ladies will make you realise that you're stupid
for being stupid..

it is just a boy?
what are you expecting from him to make you happy?
he cant give you everything,sayang..
they will just messed up your mind and make your time wasted!

for example,you time is already wasted bout few months..
do you know how many guys in the club that you can hunt during that few months?
you'll regret when you read this statement..
we are not bitch and we know how to take a good care of ourselves.
its depends on yourself to choose your way in life.

hello again!!
friends are important but once you found your love,
you'll set it limited aite?
everyone know this except stupidos..
love is put one level upside of friends.
but the value is different.
repeat,everyone know this..

love is something that you need to take care always..
because it's related to feelings..
feelings can be add up or it will become lower automatically depends on the care given.
sometimes,it will be disappear!!!

ahahhaha.pain is just for awhile dear, it is normal..
so,be better for future..
have a great feeling during your lifetime!
enjoy it!
and make it hotter!!!



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