Sunday, May 30, 2010


kan best kalau boleh pusing balik time masa sekolah dulu..
it was fun kan?? everyday ade je benda nk buat and gelak gelak..
tak payah fikir pasal benda lain..

pusing balik masa aku menangis dapat belajar jauh jauh sayang nak tinggalkan sekolah..

i wish i could stop the time so taht i'll be in my special memories and it will never ever fade away.

now masing masing dah ada life sendiri..
nk ajak jalan jalan pon dah susah..
awek marah la,bf marah la..
wtf? aku kenal dorang dulu kot.

aku pon ada bf but cool je..
hmmm..maybe sebab diorang tu lucky ada orang yg diorang sayang depan mata.

damn aku ni mcmana? sabar je lah..

kawan baik pulak,lebih sayang bf dari kawan.

BFF vs. BF tu memeang betol kan??

haissshhhhh.. masing masing punya perangai aku xfaham kenapa.

time mula mula masuk kolej dulu pon best.. ada je benda nk plan..
but now masing masing nk buat plan,kene ada dia tu,kena ada dia ni..

masalah masalah.. BF mmg tak boleh berenggang kan?
nk GIRLS DAY OUT pon tak boleh..

and ada juga benda yg kita taknak face lg,tiba tiba dtg buat kita serabut..argghhh..

damn lah..

but what to do..

we live to die but what for we live eventhough we already know that we gonna die.???




all my life i've been waiting for..

i've been waiting for ,i've been praying for people to say that WE FIGHT NO MORE.

one day, hopefully i'll get my true happiness.
damn i missed those moment which i can smile and smile..

what i need to do is i got to hold on first.
keep standing and keep put myself on track so that i won't give up.


daydreaming all the time.

he used to be my SUGARDADDY and im his CANDY GIRL.

i never met anyone like you.
now i see, this is the way love suppose to be.
i never want you to leave because you gave me 'E'.
stands for an addiction so that i'll always come back for more addictions.

oh baby i know that i can't live without you in my life.
oh baby i just do all the thing which is right.

why do i feel this way in my life?
why can't i just run and hide myself.

but i can see i don't deserve to feel your touch,i can see it now..,to feel your love,to have your kiss.
maybe i don't deserve you but i can't live without you in my life.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

push push push!

i need to accept everything just because of one big mistake that i've made.
is it fair for me?
i hate myself though.
i've messed uo everything.
damn i am REGRET.

please gimme one more chance but please treat me nicely because im not sure till when i can stand this pain.

back to the start..

do you ever lost someone?
did you cried? a lot?
how many days you didn't eat?

oh my god it's my fault and i messed up everything!
how can i make it better than before?
please give me chances so that i can prove it to you that i ain't that type.

i know that yuo're disappointed with me.
im stupid.!
how come i can let my beloved one to be alone waiting for my sms??

god please help me.
i wanna get him.

lack of time now .
need to find ideas to make him okay.

fucking shit i hate to hurt somebody.

love you always.


Monday, May 24, 2010

get get get.

if you wanna get something...

know bout it,details,closer,much closer,stick....
follow up...
then search for it...

you've failed,you're down...
slap your face....
energize your thoughts...make it powerful.. then only you can send some charges on your body to move.

now,move your body...keep moving...wait,there's a hole and its a trap..
jump!! then keep walking.. walk ! walk! walk! continuosly..
that thing is moving faster..
then you need to speed up to catch it...

almost there and GRABBBB!!! then,its time to express your feelings.
hug it...kiss it.... look at the mirror,there's a smile on your face.

workhard to get what you want..
don't just think without doing something.
chances are everywhere..
its wether you can see or not.


what's happening??

knock!! knock!!

i bet no one at home. then i opened the door by using my own key.
i went to mum's room then i saw daddy's lying on his bed.
then i asked, 'daddy,where's mummy?'. he said my mum went out for her business.
hmmmmm.. my mum always busy lately till she got no time for family.
then im wondering where's my siblings?
there's outside too?
*sigh* like usual my bro,busy with his music stuff. sissy,chasing her DREAM GUY.
lil bros with their games.
then what now?? i feel like im just a BIG STICK in front of them,STATIC.

damn this house supposed to be a very good producer of NOISE.
but now it seems like so QUIET.

step 1,2 and 3.
i called my pals to fetch me up,have some fun with them.
hopefully later i'll have some ideas to put a light in my house.
to mak a GOOD COMBINATION between bonds.



and mum,stop crying everytime u're tired because im too tired to hear that annoying sounds of yours.

but poor you.

no worries, i still love you.


yaya= wasting my money by doing nothing.

fofo= she's working.

the rest, doing their SHORTCOURSE.

=) we're missing each other badly.

but need to accept everything.

love you guys!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

circles of CROWD.

damn its already my 5th day cannot sleep. what's happening to me?
too much thinking?
but what am i thinking though?
okay okay..
again, im telling you the truth.


mum,please understand's hard for me to live in penang without transport.
i don't wanna create a fight.
my car is damn broke.
please think wisely and tell your HUSBAND that he need to put a bit care on this.

ABOUT this one person.

SOMETIMES he's sweet and caring but sometimes no.
i don't know what is in his mind.
i already put you in my SCANNER&TRACE machine..
so,i heard a lot about you and i am ACCEPTING the past.

when im feeling a bit down and far from your heart,i'll cure myself by this song.

CHERYL COLE- FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE. ( this is for you,Lovely H.R)


its about my sister. We're getting a bit different and im feeling weird when im with you. YOU'VE CHANGED!! to what??? i dont even know who you are but please,IT'S OBVIOUS!
and,don't get to soft for that guy yah.
when you're alone you'll chase me like damn freak.
but when you got someone, you'll forget me like damn easy,man .
OH FOR GOD SAKE!! gimme back my sissy!!


bro, you should take care of your marriedge.
i love her too and no worries,SHE'S ACCEPTED PERFECTLY!!
and please come back home always yah.
a good starting for my holidays.


im sorry if i've done my things alone without telling you the truth.
i just dont wanna make it hard.
i can do it by myself and i wont mess you up with my stupid things.
I LOVE YOU ALL,always and i think its forever.
i hope you've put the same feelings in your heart,ladies!


i got them all and ready to dressed up!!!

p/s= HE'S COMING THIS WEEKEND. ngeeee....♥


And....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MUMMY!hope you've enjoyed those PIZZAs!

LASTLY.... WE'RE SOoooo DAMN 'C'!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

hari terakhir dalam seM 4.


can't sleep,can't eat,can't rest!!

chayok! chayok!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

confessions ön earth. .

hye there,everyone. How are you? Been busy lately during exams. Kinda missed this blog. Im back to commit myself again. Im doing great! Friendship?it will last forever. SOULSISTERS are keep standing. But some of them added another souls. So,a bit differ in path of life. Still,supporting each other in perfect square. Shima zainal a.k.a FOFO and me,still having our lovely moment but we had opposite free time. Fyi,we all still pampering each other with loves and care. Fulled of hearts. =)