Monday, May 24, 2010

what's happening??

knock!! knock!!

i bet no one at home. then i opened the door by using my own key.
i went to mum's room then i saw daddy's lying on his bed.
then i asked, 'daddy,where's mummy?'. he said my mum went out for her business.
hmmmmm.. my mum always busy lately till she got no time for family.
then im wondering where's my siblings?
there's outside too?
*sigh* like usual my bro,busy with his music stuff. sissy,chasing her DREAM GUY.
lil bros with their games.
then what now?? i feel like im just a BIG STICK in front of them,STATIC.

damn this house supposed to be a very good producer of NOISE.
but now it seems like so QUIET.

step 1,2 and 3.
i called my pals to fetch me up,have some fun with them.
hopefully later i'll have some ideas to put a light in my house.
to mak a GOOD COMBINATION between bonds.



and mum,stop crying everytime u're tired because im too tired to hear that annoying sounds of yours.

but poor you.

no worries, i still love you.

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