Thursday, June 17, 2010


A prob which need solutions.
But its related to someone which don't want to help.
But they have responsibilities on you.
But they still don't wanna help.
What do you feel?

If that person is your lovely mum.?? Or your rawk father?


Hope one day, you'll open up both of your heart and look at my sad face.
I don't mind because I'm steady and still alive.

But a bit shocked because you've changed!

Nemind I'll keep myself up to give something for both in one else can make it for you anymore. Only me,always care. Always appreciate,always remember.

Mum,dad, I don't mind if I'm hurt.because I don't wanna mess up your mind.
Please keep loving me,everywhere eventhough we're far far away.

P/s: I LOVE YOU. <3

Friday, June 4, 2010

time for flowers..

my GOODness.

im thankful..!!

have u met someone before this yg sgt sgt teruk ??
and suddenly after few years cari you then share everything about his/her probs with you?

then bila you keep supporting him/her,dia start rasa tertarik dgn you??

and suddenly this time dia buat betul betul and work for real utk you??

damn BAHAGIA kan???

HOW i wish to have this kind of person.

now i belajar something that tak semestinya sekarang dia jahat,but lg beberapa tahun later dia tetap jahat. i mean, NAKAL.

just wait and be patient.
orang sekarang kurang sabar nampaknya.

keep in mind,PEOPLE CHANGED. from time to time.

agak lama utk menunggu but if its WORTH,apa salahnya kan?

mcm awk kumpul duit nak pegi VEGAS dr sekarang sanggup makan keropok ikan tiap tiap hari.

but it's not easy. need to learn more. after all these years i've drown in tears.
but now hopefully it will be less. mustahil utk buang tangisan jauh jauh.

well well.
looks who's smiling now??

thanks GOD. Alhamdulillah.