Wednesday, March 31, 2010

im confused.

don't say you love if you have no hearts .
don't gimme hopes which are fake.

i'll keep shut til you ask.
i never ask you to start.
you made the 1st step and you made the 1st move to leave.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


suppose to be friend..
a god friend.
but i ain't comfort with you anymore.
sms everyday,dinner together,
dats not a friend though.
it's a sign of special relationship.
you're just my friend..
please,i can love anybody but not you.

im hiding at the back f my mask.
i don't want to be rude.
you've crossed the line of frienship.
gettong emo if i didn't reply any of your sms..

it's not good to build a fight.
why don't you just relax and cool down.
chill .. chill.

you're a guy.
don't be like a child who always complained.

look,i got my own things to do.
don't you have a life to be done smoothly,huh??
chill chill.

you're still my friend. but i don't know what do you feel aite now.

im just an ordinary person who can see those smiles.
but can't trace up the pain inside you.

don't make me wanna buzz off,man,
it will be worse.

thank you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

semua nya salahkan dia...

kenapa nak salahkan dia??
dia hanya berkata based on her past .
yang nak berdebat sangat kenapa.
semua nya nak pegang piala 'PERFECT'!

hambek lah piala tu letak liquor then g MABS!
menyampah bila orang nak emo then terus berkelakuan takda adab.
yang pelik nya...
mereka LELAKI..

tak kira lah apa pun yg kau nak cakap..
setiap orang mesti genggam satu perkara yg selalu mereka ingat.
ingat senang ke nak lepas??

jangan nak salah kan dia jd mcmni..
dia jadi baik sebab dia berfikir bout past..
dia jadi jahat pon sebab based on dia punya past la..
semua nya sebab PAST.

suka2 je ckp, 'LUPAKAN BENDA LEPAS.'

kalau benda lepas tu MCM KAU PINJAM AKU RM1 BOLEH LA..

tu pon tak boleh fikir??
bukan dia nak jd kejam..
tp dia memang kalau suka orang pon akan diam..
kau nak salahkan dia sebab DIA MEMANG DIRI DIA???

so,KAU PERGI CARI MINAH PLASTIC yg pegang piala 'fake'!!


dulu dan sekarang.


we were happy last time..
5 of us.. can't you see those smiles on their faces..
they're sweet and fun..
fulled of joy .

but now, what'S wrong with me??

LOOK at her...
she's alone...

see her FACE.
she's ALONE!!
she can't smile.
she can't see the light.
what wrong with her...


......nothing to say..ZZZzzzzZZZ..