Friday, March 26, 2010

dulu dan sekarang.


we were happy last time..
5 of us.. can't you see those smiles on their faces..
they're sweet and fun..
fulled of joy .

but now, what'S wrong with me??

LOOK at her...
she's alone...

see her FACE.
she's ALONE!!
she can't smile.
she can't see the light.
what wrong with her...


......nothing to say..ZZZzzzzZZZ..



kamar_kfed said...

aww...common farah..chilled doll X )

kamar_kfed said...

down be down girl, u still got some1 whom totally dying showin full of efforts..X (

yAyA~~ said...

thanks anyway..
but its different know..
byk changes yg x elok..
semakin matang,semakin less care sbb terlalu concentrate dgn tanggungjawab..
but its good lah kan?