Tuesday, March 30, 2010


suppose to be friend..
a god friend.
but i ain't comfort with you anymore.
sms everyday,dinner together,
dats not a friend though.
it's a sign of special relationship.
you're just my friend..
please,i can love anybody but not you.

im hiding at the back f my mask.
i don't want to be rude.
you've crossed the line of frienship.
gettong emo if i didn't reply any of your sms..

it's not good to build a fight.
why don't you just relax and cool down.
chill .. chill.

you're a guy.
don't be like a child who always complained.

look,i got my own things to do.
don't you have a life to be done smoothly,huh??
chill chill.

you're still my friend. but i don't know what do you feel aite now.

im just an ordinary person who can see those smiles.
but can't trace up the pain inside you.

don't make me wanna buzz off,man,
it will be worse.

thank you.

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