Wednesday, May 12, 2010

circles of CROWD.

damn its already my 5th day cannot sleep. what's happening to me?
too much thinking?
but what am i thinking though?
okay okay..
again, im telling you the truth.


mum,please understand's hard for me to live in penang without transport.
i don't wanna create a fight.
my car is damn broke.
please think wisely and tell your HUSBAND that he need to put a bit care on this.

ABOUT this one person.

SOMETIMES he's sweet and caring but sometimes no.
i don't know what is in his mind.
i already put you in my SCANNER&TRACE machine..
so,i heard a lot about you and i am ACCEPTING the past.

when im feeling a bit down and far from your heart,i'll cure myself by this song.

CHERYL COLE- FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE. ( this is for you,Lovely H.R)


its about my sister. We're getting a bit different and im feeling weird when im with you. YOU'VE CHANGED!! to what??? i dont even know who you are but please,IT'S OBVIOUS!
and,don't get to soft for that guy yah.
when you're alone you'll chase me like damn freak.
but when you got someone, you'll forget me like damn easy,man .
OH FOR GOD SAKE!! gimme back my sissy!!


bro, you should take care of your marriedge.
i love her too and no worries,SHE'S ACCEPTED PERFECTLY!!
and please come back home always yah.
a good starting for my holidays.


im sorry if i've done my things alone without telling you the truth.
i just dont wanna make it hard.
i can do it by myself and i wont mess you up with my stupid things.
I LOVE YOU ALL,always and i think its forever.
i hope you've put the same feelings in your heart,ladies!


i got them all and ready to dressed up!!!

p/s= HE'S COMING THIS WEEKEND. ngeeee....♥


And....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MUMMY!hope you've enjoyed those PIZZAs!

LASTLY.... WE'RE SOoooo DAMN 'C'!!

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