Tuesday, January 20, 2009

long live the king..

the old king is dead and long live the new king..
meaning= forget about all da bad memories and step forward..
dont put it as "need"...should be a 'must'..
so,make it a 'must'..
must throw it at the back..
and may our new happiness and new story will last longer then before..
eyes= look and learn..capture it.
ears= listen and take note..careful..and dont listen to the bad one.
body= move and take action.
brain= think and make a decision.. dont make any mistakes.
hands= use it as much as u can..
feet= walk to the new one..go to find a new place..
mouth= talk slowly and soft after arrange your words.
nose= keep it high and take care or your dignity.

love= keep it one and always..
family= care about them to death..
money= maintain the richness and dont waste..
carier= slow .. more concern to others.
stuff= love it and keep it in huge quantity..
friends= keep it 5 for the close one.

eyes will be the first reason for yourself..


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