Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the door..

a girl=what's dat??

old lady=it's a door,you idiot!!

a girl=for what?

old lady= for you of course,my dear.

a girl= what do you want me to do with this door?

old lady= dear,im not giving you this door.. this door is example of you heart and mind..

a girl= hmmm?? really? but my heart is inside me..

old lady= i mean, 'example'.. come here beside me closer.. are you ready to open this door,young girl?

a girl= mummy said we cannot open the door without knock it first ..

old lady= correct,my dear.. lets put the door as your heart..what is your ambition?

a girl= to be a really famous fashion's designer..

old lady= then? u should give a starting impact in your heart to gain your spirit inside you to make your dreams come true..

a girl= but how??mummy wants me to be a doctor so that one day i
can treat my parents when they're ill.

old lady= no,darling..you should be what you want to be..you should be brave to face it..
at the firse,of course your mum will get mad..
but one day,she will learn how to understand people..
it's your life anyway...

a girl= really?? but she always put me in the lowest part..

old lady= you should show yourself as a shining star in this world..you need to struggle so that you will never let yourself to be down again..

a girl=hmmm..okay...how you want me to tell her?

old lady= use your brain start from now... so that it will never move slow again..but remember,RESPECT is important..she's your mum.. dont be rude..

a girl= alrite grandma.. thank you..big roses for you..
old lady,u are such a smart girl and and easy to be advised.. nanny always want you to be happy in your life .

7 days after that,the old lady died without a word..
she gave that girl a big last smile before she died..
now,that girl is 29 years old..
she is one of the famous fashion designer..
she put her nanny's photos in her boutique!!a lot of it!
now she realised that,nanny want her to be a successful person with our own way..
because we only can cooperate with ourself if our heart's 'need' is the same with our mind without being forced..



.paiz. said...

and i have no idea on wat your point is posting this here..

yAyA~~ said...

paiz,the meaning is,dunt waste ur time..slagi ur parents ade dpan mate..
n n da point is,i wanna be what i want.. as hoteliers,i love to be in this line..
actually,my parents quite x agree wif me at the first..paham?
but my grandma xsmpat nk tgk i success. u xpaham bmaksud u x ready.