Wednesday, October 3, 2012

People keep changing..

hello guys.. long time I didn't drop any post here... I just wanna share with you guys.. The beginning of relationship will be full of flowers and dreams. Nothing can remain it the same as you get through for a long time in it. People keep changing from time to time and we cannot control them. If we're so special, especially girls, guys will come to us and treat us as we're the Queen and appreciate every single thing. Love ourselves and get our own life as they doing the same thing without think too much about us. Be proud of ourselves. Women , we are not that weak just because we've cried a lot. It's because we're too strong to stay and seek for the truth. Be careful girls. The person you loved the most is the person who made you cried a lot. Make sure it is worth it! ;) XOXO!

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