Thursday, July 21, 2011


i am done with this official diary.
about to giving up on my past.
i'll let it go and start my new one. =)

Daddy, Alhamdulillah he's getting better than before. i was afraid to face my lost.
I love you Daddy I swear to God.

Mum,sometimes it's good to back up my sis but you need to open your eyes and appreciate what i've done . Do not simply talk about my past and those nonsense things like i ain't your daughter. You have two daughters and remember we both will take care of you someday.

Sis, i did everything for you and i hope you can help me in this pity life. I'm counting on you can't you see it?
i'm tired to handle everything and i'm so stressed out. You don't know what i'm facing,with who i'm dealing. Save me from being down,save me from this darkness side on earth.

Boyfie, I was so wrong because i thought you just wanna play around and make me cry.
I'm thankful, i'm grateful. Thanks boyfie. =)


redo amin said...

hmm...x pernah alami mcm ni...tkut je kalo akan alami nnti orang tersayang sakit....

yAyA~~ said...

kannn. so, love them as much as u can =)