Monday, August 2, 2010

valuabe secret. =)

think about it..
white is natural.
but im into rainbow colors.
im seeking for a huge field,up on a mountain.
fulled of flowers.
can YOU help me to find this place?

can't imagine how beautiful it will be..
and feel the peace of life.

many BUTS...

im more into black.. can't survive alone. need a person who can neutralized me.
CHEMISTRY, yeah it's important to find out to know wether we need each other.

but about this precious place,i want it to be secret..tell me slowly bout it.
don't tell anybody.. i hate to be in a place which is too crowded.

if you can keep this secret place,then we can cooperate..
after that,we can put our faith between us.

you know who you are.. Shhhh ... keep it shut.
you can catch y words,can't you? so do I ..towards you.

rare to find,CANDY.


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