Thursday, April 1, 2010


talk about famous peeps.
why don't you talk about yourself,girl.
they give you nothing.



kamar_kfed said...

Yaya, i leave this song and hope you would get chilled and grilled..X )

B.O.B feat Bruno Mars > Nothin' But you

ps: Mc D has set us up X )

kamar_kfed said...

wishing all the best from my sincere level best for your vary last final exam!! fuuhh..luckly i didnt fell down that nite in front of all people especially u, wana and nadia..haha, sorry for the ignorance while ur holding the tray, i should have given a handy..hmm..whatelse..i know its kinda weird and stupid,but i have nothing 2 drop by to show some to see you in black dress..maybe with a hairband? X ) take care and hope 2 hear from u again inshaallah..

wawabescoot said...

gheee :P

yAyA~~ said...

well well kamar.who are you anyway? But its okayh. You're welcome always. Hehe. Yah most of the time i'll in black. No worries.after exam,i'll always submit my post n concentrate on my blog. Plenty of stories to state in here. Thanks for your exam's wish. May god blessed me up during finals. Im glad to hav you as my reader. Thanks again. =)

kamar_kfed said...

Assalamualaikum and well3 look who here finally, at the 1st place,i would like 2 thanks for your concern and last my efforts for this time being works! X ) Dont worry, my existence here mean no harm here and perhaps we could keep n tch without any hows exam? hows Wana and Nadia..and your so called used to be besty> Shima/Fofo? X ) frankly i did requested you a friend request but you didntr response, maybe busy with tons of preparation of exam. Its ok, i'lll be fine for your reply FB account has been disabled and now i have to create a new one sooner..ouch! meanwhile, if you have time, u could reach me thru mobile +6012 473 4216 , hope 2 hear from u soon Farah..