Friday, February 6, 2009


  • don't point ur finger to others when they ignore us..think about waht we've done to them..
  • realise about our mistakes..
  • we have ears to hear then we will know what is happening..
  • we have eyes so that we can see how they treat us and need to analyse why.
  • energy in our body to take some actions n make it right.
  • sometimes,so arrogant to admit our mistakes.
  • act like nothing without ask forgiveness can make them keep it,remember it n time for revenge.
  • but, I know we're not that type of human.
  • think before you say something and don't be selfish.
  • accepting those advises is ok..but we need to think and analyse wether it is right or wrong. with the right person or not.
  • if you did to wrong person,then you'll get them back in wrong way..
  • opposite than your thought.

come on..we're not little child anymore..

be brave if you want to talk..don't embrassed ourselved through this little damn blog.

talk,face to face what you want to say.

make it clear..make it simple..make it fast.. then lastly,relief..

don't be too arrogant with this little world.. why you get this??

because you are wrong..

repeat, YOU ARE WRONG!!!


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